Commercial Locksmith

Biometric locks with fingerprint keys

Chicago Locksmith Expert provides commercial locksmith services in Chicago (IL) and DuPage County. If you are a business owner or a commercial property owner in Chicago and its suburbs or anywhere in Cook County and DuPage County, we have the expertise to deliver the best commercial locksmith services to secure your business and maintain your property.

As your expert business locksmith in Chicago, Cook County & DuPage County, we are dedicated to keep your business property well maintained and protected.

A business premises is not just real estate but a source of livelihood for its owners and staff. We know that businesses need better security and require high-quality locks and door hardware. You business requires a range of locksmith and security hardware services such as ADA compliance, local code compliance, protect your business assets, safety of your personnel, access control system for authorized personnel, and sturdy hardware that withstands heavy usage.

Commercial Locksmith in Chicago (IL) & DuPage County

Whether it’s lost keys, damaged locks or upgrading security hardware on your business premises, you can count on our service. With us, you can rest assured that your business premises will be secured by licensed, trained, and highly professional locksmiths. Our experts provide you trusted support in your business operations. We provide affordable and honest pricing with the trust of a expert commercial locksmith. We have the experience and knowledge to handle all your business security needs, whether you are a start-up, family business or larger corporation.

Access Control

Best locksmith services for security and protection of your business.

  • Master key system
  • Keyless entry / Card key access
  • Keypads / push button locks
  • Electronic locks

High-Security Locks

Highest level of protection against brute force, picking and break-ins.

  • ASSA Abloy
  • Medeco
  • GMS MX restricted key system
  • Much more

Door Hardware

Install and upgrade your security with sturdy and durable door hardware.

  • Adams Rite
  • Rofu
  • LCN
  • Hager

If you are a business owner in Chicago or DuPage County, it is essential to ensure that your commercial property is secure and protected from theft and break-ins. One of the best ways to ensure this is by hiring a commercial locksmith service. These services offer a wide range of services to help keep your business safe and secure. Chicago Locksmith Expert provides a number of commercial locksmith services for office buildings, multi-location offices, healthcare facilities, storefronts, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Here are some of the commercial locksmith services available in Chicago and DuPage County:

Access control system installation: Access control systems help you manage who has access to your business property. You can also use access control systems to restrict access to sensitive areas and only allow authorized personnel. These systems can include keycard access, biometric scanners, and other security features that restrict entry to unauthorized personnel.

Lock repair and installation: If your business locks are damaged or worn out, our commercial locksmith will provide lock repair and installation services. Our pros can repair or replace broken or damaged locks to ensure that your business remains secure.

Master key system: A master key system can help you manage access to different areas of your business property. In the master key system, each lock has its own key and a master key that unlocks all of them. Master keying your locks allows you to provide different levels of access to different employees. Our professional Chicago locksmiths can help you design and install a master key system that fits your business needs.

High-security locks: High-security locks provide better protection against picking, bumping, and drilling. At a business premises, the stakes are too high to rely on common locks for protection against break-ins and burglaries. High-security locks can provide extra security for businesses that handle sensitive information or valuable assets.

Safe installation and repair: A commercial locksmith can also help you choose and install a safe to protect your valuables. We can provide a variety of safes, including wall safes, floor safes, and fireproof safes. We work with the best safe manufacturers such as LockSaf, AMSEC, Permavault and Gardall. Our safe & vault technicians can also provide safe repair services if your safe has been damaged or needs maintenance. We also change your safe combination when you forget your safe combination code.

Key duplication: One of the best Chicago commercial locksmiths, we can provide key duplication services for your business property. We can copy keys and make duplicate keys for all types of locks, including high-security locks and access control systems.

Emergency lockout service: When you are locked out of your business property, a commercial locksmith can provide emergency lockout assistance. We can help you gain access to your commercial property quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Keyless entry: Your business can transform its security with keyless entry systems such as electronic locks that open with access cards, keypad locks and biometric locks. Installing electronic locks or digital locks on doors provide solid protection without bulky keys. With keyless access, your business security is more agile as you can change keys and modify access rights easily without having to change or rekey locks.

Our commercial locksmith services are available in all of Chicago (IL) and DuPage County, including cities such as Bloomingdale, Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, and Downers Grove. When looking for a commercial locksmith service, it is essential to choose a licensed and experienced local locksmith company. A reliable commercial locksmith will provide you expert services and be available 24/7 for emergency services at your business premises.

  • Commercial-grade door hardware
  • New locks and keys or lock rekeying
  • Security locks and badge readers
  • Keypad locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Automatic door closers
  • Concealed door closers or hidden door closers
  • Master locks and master key systems
  • Electronic locks and keyless entry
  • Push-button locks and high-security locks
  • Panic / exit bars
  • Padlocks, crash bars, and deadlocks
  • Automatic exit devices and access control
  • Maglocks and magnetic door locks
  • Surveillance camera installation
  • Heavy-duty door hinge replacement
  • Mortise lock repair and installation
  • Repairs for all locks
  • Alarmed exit devices
  • Handicap accessible door hardware for ADA compliance
  • Door frame replacement
  • Emergency lockout assistance

Commercial-Grade Lock Hardware & Security Systems

Commercial properties (such as offices, stores and warehouses) house assets with high value. Due to this, they are at higher risk of physical intrusion. Business and commercial properties need higher level of securities when compared with homes. Business owners must have expert locksmiths install deadbolt locks, commercial door locks, high-security locks, and commercial lock replacements.

For business properties, we have a wide range of commercial-grade hardware, including top-quality locks, deadbolt locks, exit/panic bars, door closers, electric door strikes, lever locks, mortise cylinders and more. When you entrust our Chicago commercial locksmith team with hardware installation, we always high-quality, commercial-grade hardware from renowned manufacturers such as Adams Rite, AlarmLock, Mul-T-Lock, MarksUSA, Rofu, LCN, Dorma, HES, Kaba Ilco, GMS, Hager, and CX5 High-Security Locks.

Our pros install commercial-grade locks with long life and known for their durability and robust construction. We understand that when you invest in valuable door hardware, it must be have a long lifespan and it should be sturdy to withstand repeated use in busy doorways and passages.

In addition to better lock and door hardware, CCTV security systems and surveillance cameras can further improve your business safety through monitoring and surveillance. Let us help you design the best CCTV security and camera system to match your requirements within your budget.

Commercial Door Installation & Repair in Chicago (IL)

Our Chicago commercial locksmiths can also provide door and frame repair services for your business property. We can repair or replace damaged doors and frames to ensure that your business property is fully secure. If you need to install a new door, our expert technicians can complete the task with perfection. We provide commercial door installation and repair services in all of the Greater Chicago area.

If your business door has broken glass, we can replace the door glass and repair your door like new. Our technicians will also cleanup the broken glass. Glass can only withstand a certain level of force and break more easily. When you want to replace the glass of your door with a wooden board, our door installation experts will change the glass with a board.

In addition to common lock-and-key services, we also help businesses comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), fire code and local building codes. We help local businesses with services such as door hardware, door closers and exit / panic bar installation for ADA access and fire code compliance. Our technicians will update your door hardware for ADA compliance. We also install code-compliant panic exit devices (also known as panic bar or crash bars) for safety and convenience of your employees and customers. Our commercial locksmith team will recommend and install the best solutions for your commercial property such as office, store, warehouse, public venue, government office, defense facility, bank, office building and industrial facility.